Friday, April 29, 2016

1 Year

One year.

I never realized just how much you life can change in one year. I've never taken the time to pay attention.

One year ago today, I was 9 months and 1 week pregnant. We didn't know if we were having a boy or a girl. We just knew we would love our baby.

My parents came out, we enjoyed dinner at Chick-fil-a and Doug and I went home to pack, knowing the next time we were home, we would be a family of 3.

Nora, she is the joy of my life. 3 months prior to her birth, I lost my brother. The past 15 months have been the worst and best of my life. I feel so lost and empty without my brother but so whole with my Nora. She's my dream come true.

There are things that she does that remind me of my brother. He feels so close in those moments. Then she does something so "Nora" and it hurts me not to have the ability to share with my brother.

I know all siblings are close but Justin was my person. I loved him and looked up to him. Not having him makes me feel empty. Having Nora fills a small part of that void but gosh I miss him.

Happy 1 year Nora. You are the light of my life. I love you to the moon and back. Thank you for letting me be your mommy. You are my world.

Monday, September 16, 2013


I knew that was going to happen! So what the heck have I been doing for the last few months? I'll start with the most recent and try and work my way back!

I started coaching again! A few years ago, I started coaching and I love it. Work got crazy and I had to take a year off and only offer my time as a sub. This year, I'm back and coaching Learn to Skate, private lessons and helping with the synchronized team, when needed. I'm pretty happy and wish I could do this as my "real job" but I'm just not sure I'm the brave, leave your job and depend on X amount of lessons per week, type of person. Maybe when I get married : ) The below photo is of my Niece, Samantha and Nephew, Balin. I taught Sam to skate when she was two - she didn't remember much and pretty much hated being on the ice. Balin thought it was fun until he fell. He then wanted off the ice. It was pretty much a huge bust. Oh well.

My Nephew, Balin and Niece, Samantha
My Parents came out for their first PITT game - which just happened to be against FL St. who we do not like at ALL (we're a U of FL Gator family!). PITT lost and there was nothing worse than seeing happy FSU fans. I quickly responded to any FSU bragger with "I'm really a Gator fan (said with the Gator chomp movement). That shuts them up pretty quick.

Bret and his wife, Jaimy, came out to Pittsburgh for the game. Jaimy went to FSU but despite that flaw, she's pretty awesome. We went to dinner Sunday night and then as an extra bonus, their randomly purchased tickets were in the row over from ours!! It was great spending the weekend with them.
I turned 30 - that was pretty awful I basically had a HUGE meltdown and spent the following month miserable. I'm still pretty bitter but I think I've let go of the disappointment of not reaching life goals I'd set and realized that I can't hold myself to goals/dreams I set when I was 16. Goals and dreams change and I am proud of everything I've accomplished during my 30 years of life.
Lost 20 pounds! My weight has been a HUGE struggle the last few years and I thankfully found a wonderful doctor who has really worked with me to find the issue and help me reach my goals. I have a long way to go until I hit my target weight but it feels great to finally see the scale go down. I wish all 20 pounds melted off my waist and belly BUT it's slowly coming off on all areas of my body. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the weight loss continues and realized that I probably wont be the size 0 I was in high school/college BUT I will take a 6 or a 4 : )
Hit the two year mark with Doug and hope to spend many more happy years together!
I think that's it!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Gas or Electric??

It's always the small details that get me. This past weekend, Doug and I set out to find a new dryer (I guess really, I set out to buy a new dryer and he was along for the ride....since it's going in my house and I'm the one spending the $$). Again.....the details. ANYWAY. I'd been told to stop down to the Sears Scratch and Dent location.....Not being one to pass up a great deal, we braved traffic and headed to the city. Can you say commission?! I'm pretty sure when I opened the door to the dryer a sales guys head came out to ask me if I had any questions. I found one that I kinda liked but felt that I needed to go, do some research and talk this over with Doug while eating lunch and drinking a beer.

"Well, we're going to go grab a bite and talk this over".......I'm pretty sure after I said that I could hear the rubber squealing against the floor from the sales guys shoes. He couldn't get away fast enough. Alright then.

We made a quick lunch break at Penn Brewery and hit the road.....back to the suburbs and decided to stop at h.h.greg (this is new to our area and I'm a fan) - I went in, looked around and headed over to the dishwashers (I'd found a dryer that I thought would work and had moved on to bigger and better deals). Doug then comes to find me and points me in the direction of this beauty. I may have seen lights shining down. It was everything that I had ever dreamed of (but unwilling to pay the price for!). It has steam and lots of other options that I'm not even sure what I'm supposed to do with. I mean a drying rack! Event better....this baby was an out of the box deal (someone bought it but it wouldn't fit in their house so it had to come back - more on that below) and I'm telling you.....I paid like $700 under the original price. A-freaking-mazing! I may never find such a great deal again in my life.
Just one very small problem.....It's electric and I have a gas connection. Opps. By the time I figured it out, I had already removed the door to the basement, could hear the delivery truck coming and talked things through with my Dad. It's apparently an easy fix.....and I wasn't returning this dryer. If I have to wait till I move into a new house (I'm not planning on moving), I would have waited. lol
By the way, if you haven't lived in Pittsburgh, you need to understand that doors are small. To bring in the couch, we had to take off the door frame. I believe it measures 28 inch but you lose an inch with the door. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A sore body can only mean one thing.....Another great event!

This past weekend, we packed our bags and headed up to "Happy Valley" (State College, PA) for the 2013 Beaver Stadium Run - Seeing as how I went to PITT, I'm never thrilled to be surrounded by thousands of people dressed in blue and white, who believe that PSU is the best place in the world because....They would be wrong. PITT is! The only thing worse would be a visit to WVU.

Putting my school spirit aside and slapping on my adult work hat....I gave my best smile and realized that this is a great fundraiser and friendraiser for Special Olympics PA. What I wont do for the Athletes! The event (a 5K Run or 1 Mile fun walk) raised over $350,000 (which fell just behind the top fundraising event for SOPA, the Pittsburgh Plunge - woohoo!) and had over 3,500 participants. Amazing.

Many people has asked why I love my job. It's simple. I love the Athletes. I'll leave you with a few photos and videos. The video's are of Greg - an Athlete who is running his first 5K - his motivation....seeing his parents at the finish line.

Greg's first 5K

Greg gets some new kicks!

Gregs Running Team
Greg and his running team (Greg is in the hat next to the guy with the blue sock things)
Crossing the line with Franco Harris cheering everyone on!
I wish I could remember this Athletes name....But he finished and WON an award. He later went to the DJ booth and said..."I'm the only kid in a wheelchair and I won an award"
Special Olympics PA has been so good for my heart.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Cat Kong

The other day I was making a visit to my cats favorite store.....PetSmart! PetSmart for me ranks with Target......I can go in either store and find around 100 extra things I never knew I needed but am pretty sure that the items will make my life so much better.

This last visit, I picked up a cat kong - it was on sale and I figured, what the heck! This thing has been a HUGE hit at the Hucker house. My oldest cat Edgar, whos 10 (pushing 11), is a pro at rolling the kong and getting treats to fall out.

It keeps them busy....and sadly makes them tired. Lazy cats.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Closet Update....

My house is 56 years old and judging by the size of the closets, people didn't have a ton of clothes 56 years ago. It's 2013 and this home owner was having a huge issue with the one rod closet........

For Christmas, I asked my parents for a closet organizer and new doors.....well Santa delivered. Now, after months of looking at the box in the basement, I decided I would tackle the task of putting my new awesome unit up - the motivation.....This will make getting dressed and hanging clothes up more exciting.....

1.5 hours later and with the help of my snazzy hand drill (thanks Dad and Mom), I was looking at this!
I'm pretty happy and for now.....I can find things!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I think I"ve got friends.....that I can't see

That's right....I said it, I think I have a ghost(s).

I believe in spirits and "ghosts" and have always had a strange "six sense" if you will. My Grandfather (my Dad's Dad) passed shortly after I was born. My Dad has said that my Grandfather was so proud of me and couldn't get over how small I was (I was born 3 months early and just a little thing when I went home). Growing up, I've always had a mental picture of a sterile room, my Grandfather and him holding me --- remember, I was just months old before my Grandfather passed and all my parents have said is that he loved me so very much and that I made him happy in his last months (he died of lung cancer)

Growing up, I would always say, Grandpas in the hallway. My parents passed it off as me being silly. When I was 4 years old, they started to believe. We were on vacation, I was outside playing....My brother and I crossed a road that we were told not to cross. We could hear our names being called....TROUBLE! My brother held my hand. Carrie, we cross on 3 (I'm about 4 and he's 5).....1.....2....drops my hand and runs without me. I get scared and start to run....without looking. A car of teens is headed right for me. I freeze. My parents and cousin will tell you that something picked me up and moved me out of the way of the car. There is no other reason that I wasn't hit by the car other than God (and I like to believe my Grandfather)

When I was around 12, my Dad's Uncle passed away. I met him once, just before he passed. That night, I was sleeping, I had a dream of a woman searching through a phonebook, white lights and my Great Uncle rushing down a hallway.....That next morning, I walked upstairs for breakfast with my Grandma, Mom, Dad, Aunt and Uncle....I sat down and said, Uncle George died. A few moments later, the hospital called. My Uncle had passed.

Many years later, I'm in college. I wake-up early in the morning from a deep sleep, look at the clock and start to cry. That morning, my Dad called, my Grandmother had passed away unexpectedly at the exact moment I woke. I actually told him what time she had passed before he could tell me

So you can say that I've embraced my "six sense" - The Bible talks about spirits and I believe in them.

I moved into this house a few years ago and my laundry has always found it's way out of the dryer and onto the floor....My cats are awful but they aren't smart enough to open the door and throw everything on the floor.

Then I started to hear voices.....I thought maybe I was going crazy. It will be super silent in the house...I'll start to hear very faint talking...nothing that I can understand. I often thing that it sounds like men playing poker. I get annoyed and want to yell "keep in down" to the people sharing the wall....then I remember.....I live alone, I don't share walls and there isn't a good reason other than I'm sharing my house.

Just the other day, I felt cold. I checked the heat.....It had been turned off. Well my cats are 5 ft tall and I didn't do it!

Anyway, I embrace spirits. I don't feel as if they are here to hurt me. Some may think I'm crazy.....I just think I've always felt someone special around me and keeping me safe.

If they start to cut the lights, hurt me or my pets.....then I'm calling in Grandpa. Until then, we can all share the house : )